Darlly Pure Stream Pre-Filter


NO MORE SCALE – NO MORE HARD WATER Hard water is NOT good for your spa or hot tub. It can cause cloudy “gassy” water, it will certainly block your filter with limescale, you can spend more than £150 over 2 years unnecessarily in chemicals and it will invariably damage/limit the efficiency of your heater.

Fill your spa using the Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser and you will be rid of all these problems. This is NOT the same as using a water softener – this device (which lasts for upto 6 FILLS* about 2 years) de-ionises the calcium thus rendering it harmless to your system.

It’s like filling your spa with natural bottled water!

* To lengthen the life of your Pure Stream ensure the cartridge is filled with Saline Solution (Salt Water) In between Fills